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Don’t Forget to Say “Thank You.”

  1. Praise Him Wholeheartedly

We should thank God, wholeheartedly.  Half-hearted thanks are empty thanks.

Wholeheartedly, I thank God for …


  1. My salvation. Where would I be without Jesus?  A life without Christ is a life in crisis.
  1. Family and friends. You are wealthy when you have family.  Don’t take them for granted.
  1. A roof over my head. Some people sleep in cold, rain – exposed to the elements.  Some spend cold, lonely nights sleeping on a park bench, under the bridge, or moving from one shelter to another.  I thank God for my house, more importantly, I thank him for my home.
  1. A job. I thank God for a ministry I dearly love. Some people just received a pink slip last week.  Some were laid off work months ago.  Some people have printed countless resumes, sat in dozens of interviews, but they have not gotten the job.  What is it going to take for you to thank God for the pay check you receive?
  1. Fresh Water. In 2009, I lost my grandmother after she had drunk a glass of tap water. She drank contaminated, impure water, and contracted cholera. Within a few days, my grandmother had died.  Here in the USA, we drink water without flinching.  The thought never crosses our mind that the water that is supposed to give life, could be the water that could be filled with contaminates that could claim our lives.  It is estimated that 780 million people lack access to safe drinking water according to
  1. Food in my pantry and refrigerator. Growing, I went to bed hungry many nights. I remember the pain of a growling stomach while seated in class.  I remember having to pray for, and believe God for a miraculous delivery of our next meal.  Millions of people die every year for lack of food.  Yet, we often fill up big plates, nibble at the food, and toss the food away. Many people in Third World countries are dying to get that meal you are throwing away.

Why we don’t show gratitude

 1. Ignorance.  We don’t know any better.  We do not know that it is common courtesy to simply say “Thank you.”

2. Rudeness. Have you ever thought how rude it is to walk away from someone who has given you something, and you have not bothered to say “Thank you?”

3. Forgetfulness. When we don’t keep track of what God has done, we forget to thank Him.  Remember the times people have blessed you, and thank them.

4. We take the miracles for granted. Don’t just assume that God will always do it. He might not.

5. We think we did it. Sometimes we are under the erroneous impression that our success is due to our I.Q., our education, experience, expertise, skills, or wealth.  It happens because God allows it.

6. We deserve it. Others have the impression that life owes them something. They feel entitled to benefits.  When blessings come their way, the think the blessings were long time coming. We don’t deserve the blessings; they are a privilege.

7. We were never been taught. It is amazing how many people grow into adulthood without ever learning the basics of expressing gratitude.  Some parents don’t teach their children to say “Thank you,” at all.

8. We think we are too good to thank people/God. If you are too good to say “Thank you,” you are to foolish to receive more blessings

There should be a direct link between ingratitude and immaturity.


How do you say “Thank you?”

  1. Just say “Thank You.” Be specific.  Say it meaningfully and regularly.  Be a thanking machine. Just do it.  The best time to start is now.
  2. Write a Note –In this golden age of the internet and social media, handwritten notes are foreign and rare.
  3. Give a Small Gift. Know what others like.  How about some flowers/coffee/lunch?

How did I get here?

It was 7:00 am. I sat in the restaurant of a beautiful hotel, ready to devour my breakfast meal. I looked out of the window, and to see God’s beauty.  The ocean was serene, calm and peaceful. Two or three species of birds were floating in the water, some sat on the jugged rocks that formed a wall at the intersection of land and sea.  The sun was slowly rising. With it came a warmness that was enveloped in this yellowish tint that painted over the distant mountains.  The sun’s glistening light also caused a beautiful reflection upon the calm waters.  It was as if God was saying, “Good morning world!”

The morning crisp air smelt like salt, with a slight hint of a beautiful fragrance of freshly caught fish.  Occasionally I would hear the gentle ocean waves hit the rocks producing a rhythmic, melodious sound.  This sound of natural music and the splendor of God’s architectural work led me to an intimate moment of reflection and prayer.  The indescribable beauty of God’s unmatched creation lured me to reach out to God and touch Him. I wanted to invite Him to sit down and have a cup of morning Joe with me.  His goodness overwhelmed me.  It was as if all nature was collaborating in drawing my attention to the Creator God.

I sat there, as if glued to my chair, reflecting on the goodness of God.  Overwhelmed by God’s grace, the little Zimbabwean boy in me asked, “How did I get here?”  This is a question I often ask when I struggle to reconcile my past and my present life.  This is a valid question.

  • How did I get here?  God’s amazing favor and grace, together with a series of obedient yes-to-God responses.
  • How did I get here?  A deep desire to serve the underprivileged.
  • How did I get here? A deep desire to make a difference in our hurting world.
  • How did I get here?  The desire to preach the Gospel to all people.
  • How did I get here? Maybe the answer is in the understanding of the “Who” who brought me here.  The best answer is “God’s grace.”

As I sipped my third cup of coffee, I wondered where I would be, if Jesus had not saved me.  What path would I have taken?

How about you?

How did you get where you are?

How has God directed your path?

Do you have moments when you have clearly seen God direct you from one place to another?