I Just Wrote to Say “I Thank You.”

I Just Wrote to Say I Thank You –

Words of Gratitude to our Amazing Staff and Volunteers


I have seen you arrive at the crack of dawn to set up

I have seen you leave late cleaning up and locking up

I have seen you offer rides to the young and the old

I have seen you move around in the hot kitchen, cooking for us all

I have seen you write, type, design to make it all good

I have seen you teach, train, sing to equip and empower the church

I have seen you fix, mend, stop a leak to make it all good

I have seen you do it all


I have seen you lift heavy boxes of donations

I have seen you push wobbly carts full of food

I have seen you engage the highly active children

I have seen you pray with the ailing elderly

I have seen you greet, comfort, and visit the hurting

I have seen you do it all


I have noticed you hide the back pain

I have noticed you walk slower in pain

I have noticed the strain and exhaustion on your face

I have noticed the fatigue in your tired eyes

I have noticed the unrelenting service despite personal struggles


Can I do this one more day?

Why do they never say thank you?

Does anyone even notice all I do?

How long do I personally pay for these items?

You might have asked.

God has heard your sincere questions.

God has seen it all.  Nothing has escaped His watchful, loving eye.


No work you have done has gone unnoticed

No effort you have put in is unproductive

No investment you have made in God’s Kingdom is fruitless

Words may fail us, but our hearts are full of gratitude.

Hugs and thank yous may not have expressed it fully

But, we are truly grateful.


Today, we say thank you for your tireless efforts

Thank you for all you do for God and for our Corps

Thank you for your unmatched dedication and commitment to the ministry

Our corps would not be what it is, if it were not for your contribution

Thank you.  Tatenda. Siyabonga.


One thought on “I Just Wrote to Say “I Thank You.”

  1. This is such an excellent reminder of the fact that God sees every detail of what we do for Him.

    I am so grateful for you and your family. Each one of you blesses me through your service, your uplifting words of encouragement, and your praise for our Savior.

    These words you have shared with us really hit home. Thank YOU, for your recognition and appreciation of our efforts for the Kingdom of God!


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