Youth Ministry Matters

Youth Sunday Pix


Thank you for trusting us to care for your children.

We are blessed to serve them.

We have become partners with you, and the school teachers in shaping their growth.


Thank you for letting us spend countless afternoons with you.

Thank you for allowing us to speak into your lives.

It has been our privilege and honor to be part of your learning and growing experience.

Let’s do this again in September!

Staff and Volunteers:

Thank you for all you do for God, for The Salvation Army, and for the children and youth of the El Cajon Corps.

You all make our corps an active, serving Corps.  You embody the spirit of servanthood!

Thank you for allowing the youth and children to:

  • Draw out knowledge, wisdom and life lessons from your experienced minds.
  • Draw out compassion, passion, and love from your warm hearts.
  • Draw out tenacity, perseverance, and dedication from your unwavering resolve.


We have a vision of continuing to develop a holistic children’s and youth ministry.  Challenging and at the same time feeding the mind, body, and spirit of the youth.

  1. Feed the Mind

We will continue to partner with parents and schools to assist with academics, check on homework, and challenge reading through our BOOST ministry. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.  I believe each child deserves a good education.  It is a crime if adults do not step in to help educate our youth. These are our future doctors, nurses, firemen, dentists, politicians, pastors, etc. We owe our future educated citizens.  Our future desires informed voters.  Our future demands literate community members.

2. Feed the Body

We will continue to challenge their bodies through sports and games.  We will continue to provide healthy snacks and meals.  Their minds cannot pay attention in school when their stomachs are empty.  They cannot remain healthy when obesity invites illnesses.  A healthy mind is sustained by a healthy body.  How can a body be healthy when it is underfed?  In a 2-mile radius of the corps, there are almost 8,000 hungry children.  We can help our neighborhood, one child at a time. Each child deserves three nutritious meals a day.  Each child needs to walk, run around, and play for at least 30 minutes a day.

3. Feed the Spirit

We will be intentional in teaching the Gospel in all our children and youth ministry.  While it is beneficial to have a good mind, and a healthy body, it is by far, more important for one to have a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ.  All our children and youth ministries are outreach opportunities. We will continue to pick up children, pray with them, and lead them to a personal relationship with their loving Savior, Jesus Christ.  We may stumble, we may fail at everything else.  But, I refuse to fail at this.  This is our goal, part of our mission to: Save Souls!

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