Leaving a Legacy


“If you are successful, it becomes possible for you to leave an inheritance for others. But if you desire to create a legacy, then you need to leave something in others. When you think unselfishly and invest in others, you gain the opportunity to create a legacy that will outlive you.” – John Maxwell, Thinking for a Change (Warner Books, 2002)

Before year 2002, I wanted to become an international evangelist.  I wanted to travel the world preaching the Gospel to strangers.  I had hopes of becoming famous for Jesus.  However, it all changed one day while attending the high school graduation of one of my youth group members in Spokane, Washington.  The speaker started by asking us to close our eyes and imagine we are in the future, 60 years from that day.  He asked us to imagine ourselves dead, and listening as people read our eulogy.  He then asked us the question, “What are people saying about you?  What is your legacy?”

I pondered on these questions for long after the graduation.  I had an epiphany.  Suddenly, the desire to be a famous international evangelist evaporated from my heart.  I no longer wanted to be a drive-by preacher.  I no longer wanted to throw Jesus at people, and run away before I see them catch Him. I became content being a local pastor, who leaves a legacy in the lives of just a few people.  I had the sudden urge to work on leaving a lasting impact on my local community.  My desire now was to become a mature, caring local pastor.

Instead of becoming a celebrity international evangelist who preaches in huge stadiums all over the world, I want to become a pastor who is contented watching one life be transformed for Christ.  I want to become a holy man of God, who fears God, and loves to impart others with this love for God. I want the privilege of walking alongside the least, the last, and the lost.

What legacy will I leave?  What will people say?  I do not know, but I hope people will say I am a man who is head over heels in love with Jesus.  I want to be remembered as a husband who is madly in love with his beautiful wife.  I want to be remembered for being a loving and caring father of my two beautiful daughters.  I love them dearly.  I want them to know that their daddy loves them dearly.  I want to be remembered as a powerful, effective, passionate preacher of God’s Word.  I want to be remembered as a caring and loving pastor.

  • What is your legacy?
  • In whom are you investing your life?
  • What is your life message to others?

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