An African Love Story


She was fearful of meeting him again.  She could not get him out of her mind since their meeting on the bus.  He was lighter skinned, slender, and very handsome.  He was charming.  When he spoke, it was as if his words were coated in honey. She listened well.  She latched on to every word he said.  His words were both charming, and intriguing. He told her she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.  He told her that her big, brown eyes beautiful and mesmerizing.  She was slim, shy and unassuming.  Although only 16 years old, she looked mature beyond her years.

She glanced over her shoulder.  There he was.  His handsomeness oozing from every pore of his silky smooth skin.  He just stood there, as if the universe rested on his person. Her head went into a tailspin.  She liked him. Yes, the sight of him made her blood boil.  Beyond his obvious attractive physical appearance, she liked his sense of rebelliousness.  Around him was an air of mischief that both scared and fascinated her.

He had been a star academic pupil at his Christian all boys boarding school.  He and some of his friends used to jump over the fence to go drink alcohol in the surrounding villages.  They also smoked cigarettes together.  Soon the school leadership found out.  The boys faced the wrath of the school leadership, as well as the discipline from their homes. The naught boys promised to change.  But, the boys were soon back to their old ways.  After a few rounds of punishments, followed by unkept promises, the school leadership expelled the boys from the school.

He went to the city to live with his married sister’s family.  His brother in law got him a job at the bus company where he worked.  He kept drinking alcohol, and smoking cigarettes.  She did not mind.  She liked him.  Love can incapacitate one’s logic. Love can rob one of their reasoning capacity.  She threw all caution to the wind.  She ran towards him. She ran towards his open arms.  They embraced and kissed, before walking towards the bus station.  They were in love. I, and my four siblings, are their offspring.



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