Day at Sea

I woke up sensing the bed move. I heard a low, rumbling sound. The air smelt fresh and salty. For a moment, I struggled to comprehend where I was. Then it dawned on me, I had just spent the night on a comfortable bed, in a “moving city” – the Celebrity Constellation! What an experience. God had taken this African boy on many an excursion. The gratitude to God deepens with each experience. 
Rutendo and I had a delicious breakfast that included bacon, baked beans, eggs, grilled tomato, and strong coffee. How do they keep their food so fresh and tasty this far from land?! From the restaurant, we went to deck 11 to walk it all off. We walked briskly on the ship’s running/walking track. The ship was moving on, at about 20-22 nautical knots an hour (about 35m/hr). We walked towards our 10,000 steps a day goal.

Our first pilgrims meeting took place at 1:00 pm. Dr Birch taught on the subject entitled “How did we get the Bible?” His fascinating and informative lecture included the canon of the Old Testament, the Law, the Writings, up to the canon of the New Testament. The powerful lecture set a base, becoming the diving board from which we spring to commence our Study Tour in Ephesus, Turkey tomorrow. 
Our bodies are still adjusting to the new time change, and schedule. A long afternoon nap was in order. For dinner, we had to dress up. I wore the grey suit I purchased a few weeks ago, for my University graduation. I walked down towards the restaurant with Rutendo by my side. She looked stunning and exquisite in her black dinner dress. Her face beamed. Her smile stole my heart all over again. There I noticed, she was more beautiful than I could remember. The hectic lives we live rob us of the gift of observation and reflection. The busyness which has become my routine, denies me the eyes nor time to appreciate her. There she was, looking as stunning as ever. I am in love. 

Following the dinner, we were treated to a “Hollywood” night musical in the theater. The performers were right on cue, singing and dancing like the professionals they are. In particular, their rendition of six James Bond songs was magnificent. They won me over. 

I look forward to the tour of Ephesus tomorrow. I am ready for God speak to me through this experience of Biblical proportions! 


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