Beauty on the Roads of Rhodes

Before ending his 3rd Missionary journey, the Apostle Paul visited Rhodes. We learned that Rhodes is the place where the Colossus of Rhodes stood. This was once one of the wonders of the ancient world. It is said that the Apostle Paul probably saw remains of this statue during his visit.
Upon our arrival on the island of Rhodes, Greece, we rode the bus into the city of Rhodes. As the bus followed the meandering road up the hill, we were greeted by a picturesque, breathtaking sight of the Mediterranean Sea on one side, and the Aegean Sea on the other.
We disembarked inside the enclosure of the old city wall. The mid centuries’ imposing structures paid homage to the architectural prowess of the people of old.  
These are ruins of the structures built by the Knights of Saint John. He knights also built various castles and other buildings during that time. It was in the middle of the city that Commissioner Don Bell gave his devotional. He shared the characteristics that made the Apostle Paul rise to the top of the leadership chain.  

After lunch, we visited the ancient Acropolis of Lindos. The Apostle Paul is said to have landed here on one of his mission trips. One of the images of Greece I have always seen is various white houses on a hillside at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Lindos had such houses. As we climbed the steps up to the Acropolis, I paused and posed to take pictures of this beautiful setting. The rocks at the edge of the island seemed to embrace quiet, quaint and clear sea. Breathed in deep, to take it all in.  
Though we had to leave in a huff and puff to catch our voyage out of Greece, I wanted to stay. My soul wanted to linger in this peaceful place. My mind wrestled to comprehend such beauty.  


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