Quotes To Live By


  1. You are at your best when you are yourself. Be the best YOU you can be!
  2. God can surgically remove sin from the depths of our hearts, victoriously breaking the cycle of sin. Hallelujah
  3. Good intentions are simply that – good. Convert your intentions into action. Just do it.
  4. It is more prudent to be holy than to be religious. Go beyond attending church, connect with God.
  5. We don’t do good works to be saved. We do good works because we are saved.
  6. Life is about crossing bridges when faced with flooding rivers. Avoid burning those bridges lest you may have to cross the same rivers tomorrow.
  7. Falling in love with you meant giving you all I had. I lay bare & vulnerable – at your mercy. Be gentle, my fragile heart is in your hands.
  8. While your background & circumstances have determined your current state, your decisions & corresponding actions will determine your destiny
  9. You are the Gospel transmitter. The message you speak through your actions must validate the Gospel you proclaim with your lips!
  10. The arrival of the Light is the destruction of darkness. Choose the Light.
  11. Jesus lit up the universe to be the light in this sinful world; Jesus lit up my heart to be the light in my sinful life.
  12. Worry is cheap, it keeps you busy for nothing. Worry
  13. The struggles you are facing today are not the destination; they are just layovers on your way to your destiny. Tomorrow will be brighter.
  14. To come to Jesus, we have to leave it all, and fully dedicate ourselves to Him. Forsake it all to give your all to Him.
  15. Before Jesus, you were NOBODY. With Jesus you are SOMEBODY. Now take Jesus to EVERYBODY!
  16. It may be that a few devotees will march into Heaven while a bunch of carefree, cool people slide into Hell.
  17. Beauty, success, fame, riches can get you many friends. Failure, suffering, poverty reveal who your real friends are.
  18. Many people hurt. They are on the mat of sin & self-pity. Do you even notice them? Are you tenacious enough to lift them up to Jesus?
  19. Where the devil is, death is. Where Jesus is, LIFE is. Choose LIFE.
  20. When Jesus speaks, raging seas calm down. When Jesus speaks, dangerous storms turn into sunshine! Call on Jesus in the midst of your storms.sunset-690042_1280

3 thoughts on “Quotes To Live By

  1. I absolutely love this one: “You are at your best when you are yourself. Be the best YOU you can be!” That is a very true statement… to be the best I can be for my Lord! Thanks for these reminders today. I love you!

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