I’ll Find My Way at the Cross


John 14:6, “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

When we were in London for the Boundless Congress in July 2015, I was thrilled to finally get off the London underground train at the Charing Cross Station.  The local Londoners call it for short, “the Cross.”  Being at “the Cross,” reminded me of a story I heard from a British minister many years ago.  He said, “A five-year-old boy at play wandered away from home and was lost. He tried one street after another. Nothing looked familiar – nothing. Soon the lad was crying as he peered at buildings and signs, searching for home.

A helpful policeman found the frightened boy. He wiped away tears and asked the standard questions: do you remember the name of your street? – no; how about your house number – I don’t know; telephone number – it has a five in it, that’s all I remember. The policeman looked pensive. Suddenly the boy brightened and through his tears said eagerly, “Sir, take me to the Cross. I can find my way home from there!”

  •  Busyness. As Christians, we often find the daily grind taking away from the path.  Some wander away due to the busyness of life.  They find themselves slowly drifting away from meeting with God due to the demands of a full schedule.
  • Suffering. Others wander away due to anger and sadness.  They recently experienced trying difficult times.  They have told themselves why stay on the path which brings so much pain?
  • Sin. Others have wandered away from the path due to temptations and sin.  The cunning lure of darkness has slowly pulled them away from the straight and narrow.  They are no longer the pious, holy people they used to be.  Sin is slowly devouring them.
  • Apathy.  Others have wandered away due to apathy.  They just do not care for anything.  They want to be left alone.  They do not care if they worship God or not.  Life is just bland.  Who cares, right?
  • Pleasures. Others have wandered away due to the luring joys and pleasures of this world.  The temporary joys and pleasures of the world have screamed louder and louder for their attention.  Without any shame, they have willingly walked away from God, to pursue these pleasures.


Whatever the condition.  However you have ended where you are.  You will find our way home, if you go back to the Cross.  The way home goes by the Cross.  The Way of Salvation leads through Calvary.  If you find yourself wondering how you got where you are, just go back to the Cross for the best directions home.

Are you lost?  Are you wandering away from the Truth?

Hit the reset button.  Come back to the Cross.

There, you will find your way to Christ.


One thought on “I’ll Find My Way at the Cross

  1. That was a good story. It’s funny how that’s fits exactly into my life at this very moment. I always remember to come back to the cross and I am at ease with what I am doing towards my future and my walk with Christ. I haven’t read the blogs in awhile but I am always glad that they are here for me to read and ponder on very enlightening,

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