1. CARPE DIEM (Seize the Day)
  • Enjoy some quality sleep/rest.
  • Cook some healthy and delicious meals at home.
  • Clean the house. Clean the garage or the pesky cabinet, which has become everyone’s junk yard.
  • Rearrange furniture. Refresh the look of your home.
  • Get a pet. Pets are great for companionship. They keep you busy.
  • Pick up gardening. Plant your own basil, tomatoes and flowers.
  • Read books. You know that pile of books on your shelf you have been wanting to read. Now is the time.
  • Movie. You heard rave reviews about a movie but you just never had the chance to watch it.
  • Go ahead spoil yourself. Binge watch one or two TV shows. I recently watch all 8 seasons of Monk. I absolutely loved it.
  • Exercise. Walk around the neighborhood. Exercise in and around the house.
  • Read God’s Word, pray, worship.
  • Seize the day. Instead of complaining, do something.


2. CREATE. Take up a new hobby

  • How about you start a journal or a blog? You have it in you to write. Go ahead and write a book, a song, or a poem. If ever there was a time, the time is now!
  • Listen to a new podcast or start your own podcast.
  • Join Tik-Tok or just learn to sing and dance.
  • Talking about singing – compose and record a song. How about Karaoke?
  • Purchase and play new board games. You could try video games, puzzle or the Rubik’s Cube.
  • Dust of the instrument and practice that piece. Learn a new instrument.
  • Purchase the kits and start knitting or crocheting.
  • You can try your hand at drawing or painting. Bring out the inner artist in you.
  • Have fun.


3. CONNECT. Check on others

  • Prayer. Pray for people. Pray with people on the phone or online.
  • Phone calls. Call two different people a day.  
  • Social media. Contact two different people on Social media each day.
  • FaceTime, Zoom, etc. Contact two people a day on a video call.
  • Check in on each other… relatives, friends, neighbors
  • Adopt a senior. Write and send letters or cards to seniors or to your church members.
  • Participate in a friend’s drive by birthday celebration.
  • Online. Tune in on Sundays for live-streaming, join prayer, Bible Study and fellowship groups online.
  • Talk with your mentor, coach or therapist.
  • Plan quality Family – Zoom calls.
  • Play family Games, record family movies, chalk art outside.
  • Sleepover living room pitch a tent, make it fun.



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