The Revival of My Prayerless Life


Meet with you at sunrise I did

Afternoon prayers just splendid

At bedtime for countless blessings I prayed

Through the night the angels stood guard.

Now, fame and success I chase all day long

Rushed, meaningless prayers fail to make me strong

I am living just a life of Christian façade

Only as a shadow of the holy man God made

Daily devotions I avoid like a plague

I despise advice from a Godly colleague

In times past my heart would not settle

Through prayer the devil I would wrestle

My prayerless life today you have revived

Many days without prayer I barely survived

Today, you have renewed my strength.

In you, o Lord, I put my trust.

Jesus, you have shown me love despite my sin

Jesus, you have forgiven me to bring me in

No matter how stupid and lost I had become

You have always extended your loving arm

Weekly fasting, daily prayers my goal

Through it all, you will restore my soul

With your Holy Spirit’s power I will not fail

As I stay safe in your everlasting arms, oh God.

Your great blessings I anticipate

My life at your altar I consecrate

In your suffering and glory I partake

To receive the Glory in Heaven that awaits



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