God’s Got This!

Tanaka and dog

I have never had a pet before.  I really did not want to own one either.  Over a week ago, I lost the battle against my wife’s desire to own a pet.  My two girls wanted a pet, as well.  Outnumbered 3 to 1, I gave in.  “Happy wife, happy life,” they say!  My wife brought home a beautiful, Chihuahua puppy.  My wife wanted to call her “Shine.”  I asked why.  She said all the dogs she owned as a child, were called “Shine.”  My girls and I objected.  My wife picked another name – “Buttercup!”  Beautiful name, we all agreed. I watched my wife lovingly take Buttercup for little walks outside.  The girls’ eyes lit up when they held Buttercup.  It looked like I was fast fading away from the picture.  All the attention was going to Buttercup.  Happy wife, happy life.

We started arranging the house to accommodate our latest family member.  We took pictures posing with Buttercup.  My wife purchased dog food, little toys, blankets, and all that was necessary to make Buttercup comfortable.  My family was happy.  I was happy that the family was happy.

By Sunday night, the mood in the house was slowly changing.  Buttercup was not eating much.  Buttercup was throwing up, and no longer running around the house like she had been doing. My wife was unhappy.  I could see the glow in her eyes slowly get dim.  By Monday morning, Buttercup just lay in her little bed.  My wife took Buttercup to the vet.  The news was not pleasant, at all.  My wife was unhappy.  She was very sad.

Late in the day, I received the news Buttercup had died.  My wife was sobbing.  The girls were mourning the death of their little friend – Buttercup.  Buttercup had been in our house for only 8 days.  Yet, Buttercup had brought sunshine and joy onto the faces of my family.  She was gone now.  I had to become the consoling husband and father.  I must admit, I was hurt, too.  I was sad for and with them. Unhappy wife, unhappy life.  Or is it?

Who knew we could get attached to a puppy in just 8 days?  Who knew I could feel so sad for losing a dog?  What do you do when you get attached to someone or something, and then it is soon taken away from you?  How do we move on?  Praise God for His presence.  God knew this all along.  God is with us always.  He never leaves us or forsakes us.  He is Immanuel – God with us.  No matter what you go through.  No matter what challenges you are facing, God is there to console and bless you.  You are never alone.  Cheer up.  God’s got this!  “Sorrow last but for a night, Joy comes in the morning.”

Happy wife happy life.  I want to propose this instead, Joyful wife; joyful life.  You see, it is our joy that matters not our happiness.  Happiness is dependent on happenings and circumstances.  Joy is God in us, regardless of the conditions.  We may have lost Buttercup, but it is God who provides and butters our bread.  Our cup runs over! God’s got this.


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