Happy Mother’s Day!!


As we celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, I am cognizant of the fact that this day brings diverse emotions in all of us.

  • For some, becoming a mother was not your plan.
  • For some, your mother was not ready for you to come into the world
  • For some, you were unable to be a mother.
  • For some, your mother was not the best mother around
  • For some, being a mother has brought untold heartache and pain;
  • For others, motherhood has brought great joy and hope.
  • For others, your mother is/was the best mother the world has ever seen.

Regardless of your experience with motherhood, I want to challenge you to wish your mother, and/or any other woman in your life “Happy Mother’s Day.”  I like the advice below:

“Make a list of 31 things your wife (mom, sister, grandmother, etc) does for you and the family which you seldom thank her for. Make a point of thanking her specifically for one on each day of the coming month. On each day of the following month pay her a new compliment on one of her good attitudes, character qualities, habits or talents. And be prepared for a better relationship than you’ve enjoyed in quite a while.” – Source Unknown.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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