Thank You Mom!

  1. Unconditional love. Mom loved us unconditionally.  Sometimes I would wonder if I am worth her love. She loved me.  In her eyes, I could do no wrong.  Mom loves me, despite my imperfections, weaknesses and failures.  She really has no option, really.
  2. Sacrifice. Sacrificed her own comfort so we could eat.  She would make sure all the children had something to eat, before she could eat.  Sometimes she would go to bed hungry because there was nothing to eat.
  3. Entrepreneurial. Often my father would not leave us money for food. Mom worked hard sewing, crocheting, and selling little goods so we would survive.
  4. Protection. She protected us from abuse.  She took the brunt of my alcoholic father’s anger.  She would shield us from the beatings, taking it all in, as if she were a punching bag.
  5. Advice.  Mom gave us wise advice.  She often reminded us that we should work hard, if we wanted to rise above the cycle of poverty in which we lived.  Mom often told us the benefits of marrying a Godly wife.  She would quote Proverbs 19:14 which says, “Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the LORD.”
  6. Cheerleader, encourager. Mom attended many of my school award ceremonies.  She would be there to cheer me.  I often overheard her bragging about my achievements.  She is my cheerleader.  Mom is still one of my biggest encouragers!!
  7. Teacher.  Mom taught us the meaning of life, the value of perseverance, and the importance of prayer. Missing church was never allowed.  Going to bed before prayer was discouraged.
  8. Mom hid her pain. When she went through hard times, mom hid her pain from us.  I think she still does.  Marriage problems, headaches, burdens of lack of food, mom would not let me know the depth of her pain.
  9. Hope.  Mom always hoped tomorrow would be better than today.  She often reminded us that life would not always be so unbearable. There will come a day, when all the pain would be in the past.  She taught us to always hope; to always trust; to always believe God would hear our prayers, and change our circumstances.
  10. She came back. There was a time when she was separated from my father.  Mom had run away from the abuse.  This was a time when I missed mom dearly, as a lived hundreds of miles away from her.  One time she came to visit.  When she saw my condition, she gave up her independence to be with me.  She reconciled with my father so she could take care of me.

Today, I say “Thank you mom.  Today, I thank my mom for who she is.  I thank mom for all she went through for us.  I thank mom for teaching us perseverance, love, and determination.


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