Grinding Mill for the AIDS/HIV Support Group in Zimbabwe

Grinding mill

The poverty, as well as the suffering I have seen this week is overwhelming.  I grew up in poverty, in Harare, Zimbabwe.  I grew up in the ghetto, in Highfield, Harare.  Having been living in the developed world for over 15 years, coming back home I am welcomed by the astounding poverty that lingers in the neighborhoods.  It appears, I have adjusted to the Western lifestyle and comforts.  However, a great proportion of my heart loves this land.  Deep down, I am a Zimbabwean to the core.  I may have changed my citizenship, but I have not changed my heritage.

Last year, on a brief business visit to Zimbabwe, I learned about Nunurai Support Group.  Nunurai Support Group comprises ten members who were trained as AIDS/HIV caregivers by The Salvation Army’s Howard hospital in Zimbabwe. Under the umbrella body of the Nunurai Support Group, are 25 support groups each with about 10 members, supporting 250 individuals who are infected or directly affected by AIDS/HIV. Children have their own support group.  The children’s group is composed of 19 children in all – 9 girls and 10 boys.   Nunurai Support Group has been seeking income generating projects so as to be self-supportive.  With the income generated, the group will support its members by purchasing medicines, paying school fees for AIDS/HIV orphans, and buying food for the struggling families.

Golden Goni, the chairman of the Nunurai Support group, told us the group has chosen to seek funds to purchase and install a grinding mill. Why Grinding Mill?  Maize (corn) is the staple food in Zimbabwe.  Many people grow maize for consumption.  Families need to take the maize to a grinding mill to be ground into a powder with which they use for cooking sadza.  There is a great need for another grinding mill in the Mvurwi area.  Grinding maize is a money-maker for businesses. Through owning and running a grinding mill, Nunurai Support Group would raise funds to support its members.

On Thursday, July 9th, the ZMT2015 team purchased and drove 100 km to Mvurwi to donate a brand new grinding mill.  The grinding mill was installed in a half-built room in the business area of Rusununguko (Freedom) Business Shopping Center.  The group plans to build its own shop on the land generously donated by the Mvurwi Town Council to the Nunurai Support Group.

Tonight, I go to bed fulfilled and blessed to have been used by God to be the conduit of His grace to the suffering in Mvurwi.  I go to bed grateful to many who have supported our Zimbabwe Mission Trip 2015.  I go to bed knowing that the lives of a few people have been changed forever, as a result of the generosity of The Salvation Army El Cajon Corps.  Thank you God.  Thank you all who helped make a difference in a part of the world a few would like to visit.


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