Bringing Blessings and Joy to Blessing and Tafadzwa

AIDSOne of my highlights during the Zimbabwe Mission Trip 2015 was visiting a child-headed home in Mvurwi, about 100 km north of Harare.  A few years ago, the headmaster (school principal) of Mvurwi Primary School kindly offered to help two children, a brother and sister, with accommodation on the school property.  These children lost their parents to the AIDS epidemic.  Mvurwi goes on record as the area with the highest AIDS/HIV cases.  The children current live on their own, in a small dimly lit room at the school.  The oldest, Blessing, is a girl aged 12 years old.  She cooks and takes care of her little, almost malnourished brother, Tafadzwa.  When we met Blessing and Tafadzwa, they were very quiet.  They appeared shy, overwhelmed, yet joyful.  They did not ask for anything, except expressing their gratitude through their small quiet voices.  Blessing’s wishes are to continue her education, and make sure she passes her classes.

I was moved to tears as I proudly watched the ZMT 2015 members compassionately respond to the needs of these children by paying school fees for Blessing, Tafadzwa, and another girl called Diana. The donations will cover school fees for two years of each of the three children.   Outside Blessing and Tafadzwa’s little room was a little open fire cooking area.  On the little table in the corner was a bundle of wilting colored greens.  A box of matches and a little candle on a stand provide the light for them during the evenings.  On another corner were two, thin, torn blankets Blessing and Tafadzwa put on the floor for a make shift bed.  A few clothes lay on top of the blankets.


As I sit here, I am thinking of Blessing and Tafadzwa.

  • What is Blessing cooking for dinner tonight?
  • Do these two children have food?
  • Children often get scared of the dark, and of being lonely. To whom do Blessing and Tafadzwa run when in fear?
  • To whom do they cry?
  • Who do they tell the stories from their day at school?
  • When the adolescence, physical changes begin to happen in Blessings body, who will talk with her?
  • Who will be there for her when she needs to ask dating questions?

I have learned that an individual, outside of Christ, cannot change the whole world, but an individual can change another individual’s world.  This trip has reminded me that a human being armed with love and passion can get things done.

Overcome with emotions, pity and compassion, the Howard family pledged to buy two small beds, linens, and blankets for Blessing and Tafadzwa.  The Howard family’s hopes and desires would be to eventually adopt these two children.

  • You, like the Howard family, can make a difference.
  • You can pray for Blessing and Tafadzwa.
  • You can donate to Blessing and Tafadzwa so they can have food and shelter.
  • You can visit Blessing and Tafadzwa in Zimbabwe.

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