Congratulations Are In Order!

Arrow Rutendo

I invite you all to eavesdrop on my congratulatory message to my beautiful wife who graduates from Arrow Leadership today, and from Nazarene Bible College next month.  I have been privileged to witness God’s incarnational grace work in her life.  Here goes …

Rutendo I love you so much. I thank God for who you are.  I thank God for allowing us to be married to each other.   Rutendo, you are beautiful.  You are my love.  You were loving and caring for me to marry you in 1999, so I know that God made you so special back then is still shining bright in you today.

Congratulations on completing your Arrow Leadership journey.  I am extremely proud of you.  As you graduate, I think back to the shy, insecure girl I married.   I remember when you used to be afraid to speak English.  I remember when you thought you could not do much.  I remember when you were afraid to go back to school.

But, I thank God that is all now in the past.  I thank God you believed that you could.  I have watched you blossom over the 16 years of our marriage.  I have been blessed to witness your transformation from the cocoon, to a beautiful butterfly soaring in the sky.  I have the privilege of seeing you graduate from Arrow Leadership, and from Nazarene Bible College with you BA in Ministry and Counselling.  You have done it. Congratulations!

Rutendo, you have let God lead and guide you.  That has been evident in your spiritual walk.  This has been evident in your passion for women and children’s ministries.  This has been evident in your success in your academic and leadership development.  On this day, I congratulate you on your accomplishments.  On this day, I am honored to be your lead cheerleader and chief encourager.  Thank you for taking me along on your spiritual and leadership journey.  I am honored to be enjoying the ride alongside you.

Rutendo, your graduation is not the end, but just the beginning of greater things to come.  You have been called to lead.  You have the anointing to lead men, women and children to a deeper relationship with God.  So, take everything you have learned at Arrow Leadership and go use it to develop other leaders.  Take everything you have learned and apply it daily to your leadership.  Take everything you have learned to make a difference in our fallen world.

The journey is just beginning.  Are you ready?


5 thoughts on “Congratulations Are In Order!

  1. Thank you my love for the encouragement, love and support. My mentor, lead cheerleader and supporter in ministry. I love you and I thank God for you. To God be the glory both now and forever more.

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  2. As always Captain, you have gathered the thoughts on the minds of your flock and beautifully articulated the words to say. God bless your families’ continued involvement in our lives. We love you all.

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