Partnership of the Forgiven


It was a cool June Sunday morning, when, out of the van came out seven men from the Adult Rehabilitation Center in San Diego.  They had arrived for their first worship service at the El Cajon Corps. Over the past 18 months, a number of the ARC beneficiaries have since joined our growing ranks, becoming active adherents.  The reciprocal relationship with the ARC sees some El Cajon Corps soldiers visiting the ARC to lead discipleship groups, and attending graduation ceremonies.   I have the privilege of sharing God’s Word at the Wednesday chapels, once a month. The ARC leadership is committed to making this Harvest Initiative ministry a success.

This association with the A.R.C. beneficiaries continues to enrich our Sunday worship experience.  The songs are now a little louder, a few more “Amens” can be heard from the pews, and a minty, cool excitement fills the air.  The ARC beneficiaries’ presence has injected a much-needed life into the veins of our formally routine worship services.  The joy on the beneficiaries’ faces reflect the undeniable fact that God gives His grace randomly and indiscriminately. God has taken the scraps of a lost people’s lives and mended them back together, creating something beautiful.

Lest we are tempted to think the ARC beneficiaries were the only ones lost.  We were all lost, at some point. What are humans to the destructive and enslaving power of sin?  Paul states, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23)  Sitting on the same pew with my exuberant fellow ARC worshippers, I can sense my blood flowing slowly carrying along all the potential of dumb, sinful decisions made, and great opportunities missed. Like them, I have taken countless wrong turns along the journey.  Like them, I have succumbed to the alluring power of sin, yet there we are, standing shoulder to shoulder – a forgiven, empowered Army of God!

At the El Cajon Corps, we are learning to surrender it all until we are completely empty.  We are learning to surrender it all until we have nothing else to give, but everything holy to receive. We are looking forward to experiencing a fresh anointing.  We are at the verge of a spiritual breakthrough and a powerful revival.  We are ready.  Are you?


One thought on “Partnership of the Forgiven

  1. Absolutely! I’ve met some wonderful people through the ARC and have struck up a special friendship. They are awesome!!


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