The Lost Art of Commitment

Psalm, 27:4, “I’m asking God for one thing, only one thing:  To live with him in his house my whole life long.  I’ll contemplate his beauty; I’ll study at his feet.”



TIME. Commitment requires time.  Fewer people are interested in investing time to commit to something/someone.  Takes too much time to invest.

TIED DOWN.  Some people do not want to settle on what thing/person.  They are not ready to be tied down to one thing/person.  The world has so much to offer.  They do not want to miss the next bigger thing.   The grass is greener elsewhere.

TOUGH.  Commitment is not easy. Commitment is not always fun.  Commitment goes beyond butterfly feelings. Commitment is a decision to stick with it/him/her no matter what.

PERFECTIONISM. Nothing is good enough.  Perfectionists struggle with this.  They are dissatisfied with the status quo; therefore, they cannot commit until they find the perfect person/thing. They might be looking for Mr. or Mrs. Perfect for the rest of their lives.

FEAR. They fear commitment will take away their freedom.  They have a misconception that commitment spells enslavement.



  1. PRIORITIES.  Church no longer as important.  God is just one of the options.
  2. BUSYNESS.  Good is enemy of best. Too many things competing for our time
  3. AFFLUENCE. Wealth gives people abilities to do other things – vacations, trips, events, experiences, toys, etc
  4. CHILDRENS PROGRAMS. Many families spend weekends driving children, and attend their many sports events like baseball, soccer, football, basketball, and so forth.
  5. BLENDED FAMILIES.  Due to the divorce rates, some children bounce from one parent to another, often in other cities and states.  Such families do not commit to church as they are either hosting the children, or driving the children elsewhere.
  1. TECHNOLOGY. Tablets, computers, smartphones, and other gadgets are making zombies out of many people. Many people are addicted to their gadgets such that they do not have time for church. Or if they go to church, they spend the time surfing the net, scrolling up and down the Social media feeds, texting, and sending e-mail messages.
  2. POST-CHRISTIAN SOCIETY.  Christianity, and religion now looked down upon. Some people despise organized religion.  Some have work schedules which compete with Sunday church attendance.
  3. SLEEPING IN.  Some people do not commit to church because they sleep on Sundays.  They claim they can worship alone at home, watch TV preachers, listen to podcasts.
  4. CULTURAL SHIFT. We must admit, we live in an age where most people do not feel guilty missing church.  Church is no longer the center of their lives.
  5. RETURN ON INVESTMENT.   Some people have been hurt by the church.  Some people have gone to church for many years, but have not seen any life transformation.  Some have not received answers to their prayers.  Thus, they do not think going to church makes any difference.

Decide to commit to God, your family, your vision, your church.



  1.   Make up your mind.  It’s not just going to happen.
  2. Set SMART goals. Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Time sensitive.
  3. Just Do it. Don’t delay.  Don’t let fear hold you back.
  4. Stick to it. Don’t give up.  Don’t give in. GRIT – Perseverance + hard work.
  5. Seek accountability. Someone to hold you accountable, to encourage you, to check up on you.
  6. Celebrate small victories. Enjoy the small steps.
  7. Wake up. Repeat all the prior steps all over again.

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