Celebrating Christmas in Zimbabwe

People have been asking me how we celebrate Christmas in Zimbabwe.  Here is how:



From the beginning of December, those who can afford, send out Christmas cards to their friends and relatives.


Families often decorate only the living/dining room.  Few houses have Christmas trees.

We only sang Christmas Carols during the services leading up to Christmas, and during the Christmas Day morning service.


For most people, Christmas day starts with a Church service.

After the Church service, everyone has a party in their homes and people go from house to house, visiting all their family and friends on the way home!

Many people get their biggest stereo speakers out and put them outside the front of the house and play their favorite music very loudly, while people dance.


Everyone wears their best clothes for Christmas, as for some families the only new clothes they get every year are for Christmas. The parties are a good place to show off their new clothes.  Some of us got new school uniforms for the next school year, ouch!


Our Christmas Day special food is roasted chicken, rice, and coleslaw salad, served with a bottle of Coca-Cola or Fanta.


Father Christmas (Santa) can be seen at some department stores might sometimes arrive at big stores in a Fire Engine. The streets in the big cities also can have colorful Christmas lights.


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