Dr. Masango, I presume!

I am still pinching myself – is it real that I just completed my doctoral journey – Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership? God’s grace and mercy enabled me to endure and cope with challenges along this doctoral journey.

My father has a 9th grade education, while my mother only completed 8th grade. I was born and raised in abject poverty, in one of the poorest high-density townships in Harare, Zimbabwe. My father was an alcoholic who physically and verbally abused my mother, my siblings, and me. I remember going to bed hungry on many a night. Most clothes I wore were hand-me-downs from my cousins. At the age of 16, I contemplated ending my life. My salvation and spiritual transformation occurred while attending a Scripture Union camp. The transformation gave me hope – hope for a brighter future. Although I loved learning, I forfeited the opportunity to attend university so I could work and financially support his 3 siblings for whose care I was responsible.

I dedicate this achievement to my dear mother, Fiellah Masango, who endured so much hardship to raise us, her children. She could have walked away from it all, but she stuck through a rough marriage to be there for us. I love you so much, mom. I also dedicate this achievement to my wife, Rutendo, for her unparalleled support during my doctoral journey. I am grateful that she stepped in to spend time with our girls, allowing me to go to the library, even on our vacations. This achievement in my academic career has challenged me greatly, pushing me to new levels of understanding. Without her support with prayer, encouragement, and emotional care, it would have been difficult to navigate the unfamiliar landscape of writing a dissertation.

I also dedicate this dissertation to my children, Fiela and Tanaka. They have been my greatest cheerleaders; I hope I have made them proud! I would be remiss if I did not express my gratitude to The Salvation Army for affording me the opportunity to embark on this doctoral journey. Finally, I dedicate my degree to all my teachers in Zimbabwe who believed in me; they served as a source of knowledge and inspiration. Thank you for believing in me. I am still pinching myself – is it real. Yes, it is. Thank you, Jesus!


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