How Comfortable is Your Christianity?


I dislike tent camping.  Sleeping on the ground, surrounded by dirt is not my cup of tea.  However, I absolutely like the idea of motorhome camping.  There is another kind of camping I would like.  It is called “glamping.”  Glamping affords one the luxuries of home in the middle of the forest.  The glamping sites provide showers, comfortable beds, fluffy pillows, Wi-fi, TV and other modern amenities. There is hope for me!

The philosophy of luxurious camping has also permeated our culture, including the church.  It appears, many of us despise an uncomfortable Christianity.  We like to be comfortable at the expense of our spiritual growth.    Being comfortable does not necessarily mean we are in God’s will.  Sometimes discomfort is a sign we are doing something right.  After all, we are soldiers.  The warzone is a far cry from the comfortable glamping sites.  Comfortable Christianity is an oxymoron.  The example of the cross passes tough judgment on a sanitized, trouble-free Christianity.


How do you know you have become a comfortable Christian?

10 Signs Your Christianity Has Become Too Comfortable (by Brian Dodd)

  1. You are not attending church with a high level of expectancy.
  2. You no longer seem to be concerned about the spiritual condition of neighbors, family members, or your co-workers.
  3. You haven’t had a spiritual conversation with a non-Christian in a long time.
  4. The Bible seems like a history book. It’s lifeless to you.
  5. Your happiness on Sunday mornings is more important than what it takes to reach the unchurched. As long as you get your parking spot, your seat, and hear the music you like, everything’s fine.
  6. The plight of the poor doesn’t concern you.
  7. Pictures of overseas suffering do not move you to action.
  8. You do not give your financial resources sacrificially.
  9. Your prayers don’t seem to be making it past the ceiling.
  10. It doesn’t even dawn on you that God could do something incredibly radical in your life at any moment today. It’s not even on your radar.

Many items on that list have described me at various times in my life.  I had become too comfortable.

Can you relate?  What can we do to get uncomfortable in our Christianity?”  By Brian Dodd.


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