The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste



“The mind is a terrible thing to waste.” (UNCF) Last Friday I graduated with a Master of Science in Leadership degree from Grand Canyon University. Praise God! This achievement would be just normal to many, but not to me. My journey to the graduation was not easy. The road was full of obstacles and discouragements of various forms.

I have always had an insatiable appetite for knowledge. I have always had a deep desire to achieve the highest levels of education. After high school, I forfeited pursuing my university goals to provide for my siblings, who were in my care.

I earned an AA Degree in Ministry at the College For Officers Training. A few years later, I attended Arrow Leadership in Canada. Arrow Leadership resuscitated my passion for education. It was at an Arrow Leadership residential that I got the inspiration to enroll at Nazarene Bible College. I graduated from NBC with a BA in Leadership and Ethics. I saw how the education transformed me into a more effective leader and pastor.

Still, I wanted more. I went on to enroll at Grand Canyon University. Graduate classes were tough. The studies demanded more of my time and attention. The library and local Starbucks stores became my hanging out places. Often, I read. I typed. I paused to take a breath and a sip of my favorite java fix. The investment of countless hours away from my family was worth it all. I carry scars of battles lost and won on the battlefields of textbook pages. The act of balancing work, parenthood, leisure, and study was brutal a warfare.

I am glad it is all behind me now. The graduation ceremony was the icing on the cake of victory. I sat there, in tears, reflecting on the tough journey. I sat there, with a smile on my face, praising God for His faithfulness. I sat there, in gratitude for all the teachers, mentors, and family members who helped me get to this day. I sat there, grateful to The Salvation Army for supporting my education goals. “The mind is a terrible thing to waste.” (UNCF) My mind wants more. What’s next? Stay tuned.



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